Industry Innovation Award

Select Energy Services
Select Energy Services’ AquaView® is a cutting edge telemetry solution that allows operators to efficiently monitor and control water throughout the completions process. AquaView® can reduce costs, improve efficiencies, support necessary reporting, and improve overall safety surrounding water management by delivering reliable data on water availability and quality to well operators in real time.

Energy & Environmental Research Center - University of North Dakota (EERC-UND)
The EERC’s leadership of the Bakken CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery and Storage Program (EOR) partnership has led to detailed data regarding CO2 sources, sinks, and transportation infrastructure which has proven to be invaluable for planning future combined EOR and incidental CO2 storage operations in the Williston Basin.

T&T Distributing / Dypex
Dypex™ fuel additives are offered in both winter and summer options to maximize heavy equipment operations year-round. These products reduce gelling issues, burn fuel more efficiently, add lubricity, and remove excess water from fuel. Benefits include: less downtime, fewer repairs, and fuel savings between $.34 - $.40 per gallon. Dypex™ is also using customer testing data to tailor fuel plans utilizing both additives to achieve customers significant savings.

Community Service Award

Liberty Oilfield Services
Liberty Oilfield Services is a Denver-based company focused on acquiring acreage in emerging oil and gas resource plays and generating superior production results based on applying its completions expertise to maximize production and economic recovery. Liberty prides itself on being 100% employee focused. Their family atmosphere breeds loyalty and dedication from their team.

Petroleum Services
The management team at Petroleum Services is a unique group that truly represents the essence of positive community service, family values, and the spirit of the oil field at work in Williston. In addition to investing in local schools, churches and numerous other community organizations, the team recently opened Painted Woods Sporting Complex to create not only a complete sportsman’s destination, but a community activity for health recreation including a potential spot for 4-H clubs, scholastic and national association events.

GO Wireline
GO Wireline is the epitome of a local company. The leadership of Go Wireline are all local and active members of the community, from supporting the hockey club, local schools and churches, to active involvement with the Masons, Oil Can events, and participation on the Workforce Safety Board of Directors. Through the company and its people’s activities in the industry and in the region, GO Wireline is helping make the area a better place to live.

Outstanding Achievement - Group

North Dakota Petroleum Council
The NDPC promotes and enhances the discovery, development, production, transportation, refining, conservation, and marketing of oil and gas in North Dakota, South Dakota, and the Rocky Mountain region. The NDPC has been especially instrumental this year in confronting many of the issues facing our industry through community events and programs such as the clothing drive, scholarships, Bakken Rocks CookFest and “Pick Up the Patch”.

Train ND
TrainND provides customized training programs designed to serve the needs of the oil and gas industry, as well as community courses. In 2015, TrainND in Williston provided training to 369 businesses and 16,660 participants alone. Additionally, the newly constructed TrainND Northwest facility will provide opportunities to hold training classes with state of the art technology, business meetings, and other special events. In this industry, having a well-trained staff is imperative. The new facility will provide training for years to come.

Red River Oilfield Services
Celebrating its 37th year in the Williston Basin, Red River began as a one-man show and has grown into a thriving company that employs over 80 people, and operates five facilities in two States and one Canadian Province. Red River has provided thousands of direct jobs in region over the years and the multiplier effect of those jobs has helped to enhance the regional economy. Red River has been and continues to be a strong community partner, giving back wherever possible.

Outstanding Achievement - Individual

John Harju
John A. Harju is the Vice President for Strategic Partnerships at the EERC, where he leads efforts to build and grow dynamic working relationships with industry, government, and research entities globally in support of the EERC’s mission to provide practical, pioneering solutions to the world’s energy and environmental challenges. He has served on numerous committees, including his current position on the U.S. Department of Energy’s Unconventional Resources Technology Advisory Committee, and has authored and coauthored more than 100 professional publications.

John Seil
John Seil, currently the Sales Manager of Go Wireline, has been an ambassador for the oil and gas industry in the Bakken for over 30 years. His accomplishment is not one specific act, but a body of work, spreading the gospel of the Bakken to those that will listen. John has the gift to articulate the positive impact of our industry here in North Dakota to the general public, politicians, community organizations, celebrities and naysayers he has met on his travels. He never hesitates to reach out to those affected by the industry and to the general public, generating a positive relationship and outlook.

Deanette Piesik
Deanette Piesik is the Chief Executive Officer for the Continuing Education, Conference Services and TrainND-Northwest Divisions at Williston State College. She has held that role for the past fifteen years where she provides vision, leadership, marketing, and management of resources. Deanette has successfully partnered with area oil and gas companies to develop and deliver safety and technical training programs. Ms. Piesik was appointed to the Williston City Commission in 2014. Her educational background includes a Masters Degree from the University of North Dakota.