Industry Innovation Award

Torcsill’s engineered helical piling foundations are a better way to preform civil construction, especially in environments as unforgiving as the Bakken. By using helical piles, Torcsill can install helical piles and their customer can finish their projects on the same day with no wait time on concrete. Torcsill works every day to provide the highest value to their customer’s need for foundation solutions across all applications within the oil and gas industry.

Engineering Technology Innovation
ETI’s patented Oil Treating Variance Solution (OTVS) applies indirect heating and multistage separation to meet RVP specifi cation prior to entering the tanks. Due to the inherent safety in indirect heat both salt deposition and fire tube failure are alleviated. Th is application allows for closer proximity of equipment to reduce well pad space by approximately 60%. Location, indirect heat, operating pressure of heat, and other factors make the application nearly immune to ambient temperature losses and usually increases oil recovery by up to 10%.

Aft er more than two years of development, FlowCore Systems has brought to the market a Fresh Water Management and Chemical Injection system that replaces mechanical chemical pumps, with an electronically controlled system. FlowCore is a Williston-based company comprised of Williston-based investors, managers, and staff . Th e company has potential to serve not just the Williston Basin, but the entirety of the oil and gas industry.

Community Service Award

S&B Drilling
S & B was created in 2015 by Chris Carmack, Clayton Carmack and John Lisle. In 2016, John and Clayton relocated their families wanting to make Williston their home. Since then, they have continually invested in the community by collaborating with organizations and individuals who are passionate about making this area a great place to live. They’ve participated in charity fishing tournaments, donated to local youth programs, and sponsored area events that enrich the lives of the people who live here.

W.W. Grainger regularly endeavors to improve the community, in any way they can. They have given monetary donations to the March of Dimes, Bras for a Cause, and the Williston State College Endowment. Th e company has given back to the community with, not only monetary donations, but with gift of silent auction items, gloves and bags for Williston Cleanup Day, and most importantly, the gift of their time. Grainger seeks to determine what the greatest need is, and execute filling that need in any way possible.

Triangle Electric
Triangle Electric is heavily involved in the oilfield electrical, equipment control, and communication needs of the region. Victoria Kreger, Health and Safety Director, is a generous supporter of the community. Together, Vickie and Triangle coordinate CPR and First Aid training for local law enforcement officials, at no cost to the city. Victoria’s volunteer work, and Triangle’s generous donation of food and the use of their facility, benefit the City of Williston by lowering training costs, and allowing city funding to be utilized elsewhere.

Outstanding Achievement - Group

Secure Energy
Secure Energy Services provides safe, innovative, and environmentally responsible solutions to upstream oil and natural gas companies. With a strong focus on each of their customer’s individual needs, they pride themselves on providing a personal touch. With the ability to safely offload a truck in just 12-15 minutes, and a comfortable stop for all truck drivers, they provide 24/7 service in all their facilities, while most others are typically unmanned. They actively strive to employ local individuals and services, adding to their investment in the community.

Energy Transfer Partners
Energy Transfer, a premier midstream company, owns and operates one of the largest and most diversified portfolios of energy assets in the US. They recently constructed and put into service the Dakota Access Pipeline creating approximately 10,000 jobs during construction. The DAP is one of the most advanced and safest pipelines in service, making Bakken oil more accessible and in greater demand. Energy Transfer is highly regarded by their peers, as demonstrated by the partnerships developed to support new infrastructure projects each year.

In conjunction with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Enerplus has designed, and is implementing automated tank gauging processes at six wells. This project could eliminate manual tank gauging and sampling industry wide to prevent potential health risks and even fatalities, while using automation to obtain more precise measurements. They have seen exceptional results, thus far, and are proud to continually work toward safer work conditions in the industry, while maintaining the quality results that are needed and required.

Outstanding Achievement - Individual

John McCreary
Aft er purchasing JMAC in 2008, Jon McCreary and the JMAC team led the company through rapid growth, then through a severe decline in the industry. As the industry recovered in 2010, JMAC expanded its services to customers, growing to over 500 employees. JMAC is proud to be a leading provider of construction, materials, water and environmental services to its Bakken customers, and an active part of the community.

Randy Waitman
Randy has owned and operated multiple businesses in the Williston Basin. His most famous venture being bringing commercial weed control services to our area. Th rough development and implementation of a new standard of “In Situ” remediation, he was able to bring back pristine soil conditions to hundreds of areas that had no growth due to salt damage. Randy’s enthusiasm for finding a better way created procedures that are still utilized today in remediation and environmental practices. His customers have become peers and friends, and recognize his accomplishments with continued loyalty over the last 40 years.

Bob Reynolds
Th rough booms and busts, Bob Reynolds has been a hard-working member of the industry for most of his life. He’s worked for notable companies like Halliburton and Baker Hughes, before founding Basin Tools in 1979. He has a vast knowledge of downhole completion tools, and uses that knowledge to assist other companies in the Williston Basin. He is recognized among friends and colleagues for putting the needs of others before his own, and for taking care of the people he works with. His commitment, loyalty, honesty and integrity, are the qualities that make him a leader in the community.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Wayne Biberdorf

Volunteer of the Year Award

Rob Harrison

Judy Billehus