Achievement Awards

The Williston API Achievement Awards celebrate the many positive contributions and accomplishments of the oil and gas industry throughout the Williston Basin. The awards highlight the achievements of companies and individuals whose tireless work, innovative solutions, varied business activities, and community involvement produce the energy and economic activity that fuel our communities and country. The three award categories to be presented include Industry Innovation, Community Service and Outstanding Achievement.


Anyone may submit a nomination form for the Achievement Awards. The nominee need not be a member of the Williston API, but must be operating in or contributing to the oil and gas industry in the Williston Basin. Submissions will be judged by the award committee.

Nomination forms may be downloaded below. Questions may be directed to Please complete the nomination form as thoroughly as possible to provide the committee with the complete information for review and judging. Additional supporting information may be submitted along with the application if needed.

Submit nomination by mail or email:

Williston API
PO Box 546
Williston, ND 58802

Nomination forms are due October 18, 2019.

Award Committee

The award committee will be established by the Williston API board and tasked with reviewing and scoring the nominations. The committee will determine the top three finalists including the award winner.

Award Presentation

The 2019 Williston API Achievement Awards will be presented on November 15, 2019 during the Williston Petroleum Banquet at the Grand Williston. The three finalists in each award category will be announced prior to the banquet and published on the Williston API website. All finalists will be recognized at the banquet with the award recipients being announced during the program.

Industry Innovation Award

The Industry Innovation Award recognizes significant achievement for advancements in technology, systems, processes and the application thereof in the oil and gas industry in the Williston Basin. Innovative technologies and processes have led not only to the development of oil and gas resources in the Williston Basin but have provided solutions to associated challenges such as reducing gas flaring, controlling dust, reducing truck traffic, increasing recovery percentage and more.

Granting this award provides a venue for showcasing these innovations and the dedicated companies and professionals who contribute to the continued growth and prosperity of our industry and communities.

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Community Service Award
The community service award seeks to recognize individuals and organization for their commitment, contributions, and service. Nominee’s of time and resources bolster pride, enable local non-profit’s to meet missions, strengthen our boards of directors, and help solve challenges.

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Outstanding Achievement

The Outstanding Achievement Award identifies an individual and organization deserving of recognition for an activity or accomplishment that can be described as an outstanding achievement in the Williston Basin. It may include an individual or company that has made a significant impact over a long period of time or it may include a single event that fundamentally changes the way something is done. There are many diverse activities and accomplishments that may deserve such recognition and therefor the criteria are general in nature.

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