Winners & Nominees

Industry Innovation Award

WINNER : Creedence Energy Services
Creedence Energy Services' acid circulation pump truck with a closed-loop manifold system is the first of its kind in the Williston Basin. This system addresses flowline restriction and blockages at the wellhead due to scale or solid buildup. A portable pump and manifold system safely circulates an acid blend across the plumbing to dissolve the buildup. The design allows for operators to return their once restricted wellheads to new, working conditions with minimal downtime, no replacement cost, and increases safety.

Crusoe Energy
If the gas wasted in flares each year was used to generate power, it would be enough energy to power the entire continent of Africa. By converting wasted natural gas to energy-intensive computing, Crusoe's patented Digital Flare Mitigation (DFM) systems deliver an efficient way to use otherwise wasted natural gas. By capturing natural gas that would otherwise been flared and repurposing it to power energy intensive computing, DFM offers operators a cost effective, regulatory complaint, environmentally friendly solution to flaring.

The Gorilla Jack is a purpose-built, proprietary hydraulic jack system, engineered specifically for handling polish and sucker rods during service operations. For certain tasks in the workover segment, any kind of derrick-oriented unit can cause time-delays, cost-increases and safety risks. When it comes to light remedial work, the Gorilla Jack provides an economical, safe, cost-effective alternative to using large oil and gas service equipment, allowing clients to focus their rig fleets on true rod and tubing operations.

Community Service Award

WINNER : Industrial Equipment Sales and Service
As the owner of IESS, Stewart Vachal is adamant about giving back to the community that helps his company thrive. In addition to contributing to community organizations, he also donates his time to help them achieve their goals. Stew has been greatly involved with the Feed My Starving Children program holding employee contests to see who could raise the most funds and even matched donations. His charisma and relentlessness helped to raise enough money to feed 250,000 meals to children in need.

Busy Bee's
Loyalty. Respect. Honesty. Integrity. Those are the values Busy Bee's Strives to operate by. They invest in the community to build a stronger foundation for future generations. On top of sponsoring numerous community outreach programs, they also participate in activities such as coordinating holiday food drives along with matching donations. Busy Bee's employees also serve on a variety of committees and boards such as McKenzie County Skills Initiative, TrainND Advisory Board, UND Advisory Board, and various NDPC sub committees.

Whiting Petroleum
Whiting believes that improving the community's overall wellness advances individual and community prosperity. They fund organizations that provide access to affordable health care and support, affordable food and housing, as well as programs that guide individuals and families to achieving economic opportunity and self-sufficiency. The way they interact with the communities where they live and operate sets Whiting apart. Their growing community commitments are a direct reflection of their culture.

Outstanding Achievement - Group

WINNER : UND Petroleum Engineering
The university recently held a groundbreaking for one of the world's largest oil drilling simulators. The Petroleum Engineering department now hosts a facility that can benefit students and industry. The facility aligns activities with the needs of North Dakota and the region and offers unique research and training capabilities to the oil and gas industry and to the state. The program began in 2010 in response to demand for engineers in the Bakken. Over 180 graduates now lead organizations working in North Dakota and are supporting the industry in various roles at operating and service companies.

Water is vital to life and EnerPlus has taken a heavy stance on reducing their needs of fresh water in their operation through increased water recycling. In 2020, 81% of their water volumes were reused corporately. EnerPlus has demonstrated to the communities they are involved in how much they care about using water responsibly and effectively. They have laid out their goals of reducing water usage as well as implementing new ways to recycle water, and have made great strides toward achieving those goals.

Red Trail Energy
Red Trail is the first organization to obtain a permit to store carbon dioxide in the subsurface in North Dakota, and it's only the second permit of its kind in the nation. The ability to store carbon is critical to a sustainable energy future for our nation. It is never easy being first, and Red Trail has been taking the lead given over 20-years of work to position North Dakota to lead innovation and energy production for the nation. Red Trail's willingness to pioneer the first carbon storage project is truly an outstanding achievement.

Outstanding Achievement - Individual

WINNER : Jeff Holte
Jeff has experienced the oil & gas industry from the eyes of the "worm" on the drilling rig to the successful owner of an oilfield consulting business. Throughout Jeff's 40 plus years in the industry, he has always exhibited a level of professionalism and respect for his colleagues and employees. Jeff stated at the bottom and worked his way up through hard work and dedication. He stated out by putting up tank batteries and roughnecking. He has been employed by Kenting Drilling Nabors Drilling and finally Petroleum Experience, where his work as a consultant eventually led him to purchase the company. Jeff has employed hundreds of consultants throughout the years on the drilling and production side. He treats his employees like family and understands that behind any successful business is a team of dedicated employees.

Brock Clingman
Beginning a lifetime as a dedicated oilman, just out of high school, Brock roustabouted up in Lignite. Brock has worked in nearly every stage of the industry, from bringing the oil out of the ground on the drilling rig, to the many steps in between until becoming a production consultant. He has also served the public as a deputy sheriff and as a long-time Williston Rural Firefighter volunteer. He is always the first in line to help others and do whatever it takes to keep the ball rolling.

Jason Baker
As the owner and CEO of Baker Consulting, Jason has over 15 years of diverse professional experience in management, business development, and client relations. He is a registered Professional Engineer in North Dakota, and has a BS and MS degree in Civil Engineering from NDSU. His background has provided several opportunities for unique and challenging projects working with federal, tribal, state, and local agencies. Under his direction, the company has grown to be one of the most recognizable and respectable oilfield service companies in the Bakken.