39th Annual Chili Cook-off

The Williston Basin Chapter of API hosted the 39th Annual Chili Cook-off on Saturday February 8th at the Grand Williston Hotel. We started the day off with two sets from Balderdash, “They were incredible!!” They pumped up the crowd and got everyone excited about the chili with great music. We had 25 companies provide their favorite chili recipes to compete for several awards. The 25 teams also competed in chili games, raising funds prior to the event (MVT Award), raising the most amount of money during the chili cook off (Bakken Bread Winner), and two special awards – best decorated booth and best themed booth with interacting members. Slamabama ended the night off with three sets up until midnight. People asked for an encore and they played a few extra songs to please the crowd. Free rides home for anyone who attended with limos from Bakken Taxi/Limo Service were provided to keep everyone safe, and they were used a lot; we’re happy that people used our limo service and left their vehicles at the Grand. 

We had over 1,000 people attend the event for the chili and music and help support the API; this is our first of two fundraisers for the year. We presented Williams County a check for $500 to support the 2020 Census. We also issued WSC a check for $15,000 towards the Oil and Gas Monument that will be unveiled later this summer. We owe $15,000 more towards the monument. 


Cook-Off Winners

1st Place - All in Oilfield Services

2nd Place - Oasis Petroleum

3rd Place - Weatherford

4th Place - Howard Supply

5th Place - Creedence Energy

6th Place - Williston Auto


Other Awards:

Fan Favorite: Oasis Petroleum 

Best Decorated Booth: Howard Supply 

Most Interactive Team/Booth: Liberty Oilfield Services

Bakken Bread Winner: Weatherford

Most Valuable Team (MVT): Liberty Oilfield Services

Chili Games: 1st Place - Halliburton 

Chili Games: 2nd Place - Williston Auto 

Thank you to everyone who worked hard to make this year a success. All of the judges, board members, committee members and volunteers. Without you, this event wouldn't be possible.
Ken Callahan, President
Williston Basin Chapter API