818 Reunion 2017
Wednesday, May 3, 2017
Lori Long and her son Morgan Axelson (Sargent in the 818th Engineer Unit here in Williston) came to our monthly API meeting last night with a request for some help. 

She is helping organize a reunion for the survivors from Afghanistan. Her son was part of the unit that lost two soldiers on December 3rd, 2012. The reunion will take place on a farm North of Bismarck at Tyler Orgarad parent's farm. Tyler was one of the soldiers that were killed in Afghanistan. They are looking for funds and/or supplies to help make this reunion a success. Please review the letter and anything you can do to help them would be greatly appreciated. 

The Williston Chapter of API donated $1,000 the maximum per our bylaws at one meeting. Since we don't meet until September and the event is being held June 24-26th, 2017, we are asking for your HELP.
Attached is a letter with some of the needs, please contact Lori at Lorilong404@hotmail.com or 701-770-3600.
Remember Freedom isn't cheap and sometimes our soldiers give the greatest sacrifice. These two soldiers gave their lives to protect our freedom. As a veteran myself I understand the importance of the healing process.
This will help continue the healing process of the surviving soldiers, families, and communities.
Thank you for your time and your prayers for our soldiers in harm's way today.

Ken Callahan, President (Ken.Callahan@mdu.com)
Williston Basin Chapter API