API Achievement Award Winners Announced
Thursday, October 11, 2012

Williston, ND, October 11, 2012 Williston API announces the first annual Achievement Award winners including ECO Alternative Fuel Systems, Target Logistics, and J.R. “Buck” Scheele.


Williston API Achievement Awards

The Williston API Achievement Awards celebrate the many positive contributions and accomplishments of the oil and gas industry throughout the Williston Basin. The awards recognize the achievements of companies and individuals whose tireless work, innovative solutions, varied business activities, and community involvement produce the energy and economic activity that fuel our communities and country. The three awards presented include Industry Innovation, Community Service and Outstanding Achievement.


Award Selection

Nominations were received, reviewed and scored by the award committee established by the Williston API board of directors. The committee determined the top three finalists including the award winner. The enclosed winners were announced at the Williston Petroleum Banquet.


Industry Innovation Award

The Industry Innovation Award was presented to ECO Alternative Fuel Systems. The ECO Alternative Fuel System is a method that enables operators of heavy-duty diesel engines to substantially reduce operating costs and lower emissions by running dual fuel. The noteworthiness of this application lies in its innovative blending of wellhead gas and diesel fuel for use in drilling rigs and generators on well sites. Utilizing this product reduces flaring cuts costs and, in many cases, uses an otherwise wasted resource.


Community Service Award

The Community Service Award was presented to Target Logistics. Target Logistics, the largest turnkey workforce housing provider in the United States, is a global resource for cost-effective, customized accommodations and services. Founded in 1978 and employing about 300 people, Target Logistics embraces a keen sense of corporate citizenship towards the communities and environments in which it operates. This is expressed by ongoing contributions to social and educational programs, adherence to strict waste and pollution reduction, and compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards and global norms. Target Logistics was recognized for their many contributions to local communities throughout their operating areas in the Williston Basin.


Outstanding Achievement

The Community Service Award was presented to J. R. “Buck” Scheele. Buck Scheele was nominated for his accomplishment as an oilfield businessman and his support and development of other oilfield businesses in the Williston Basin. Buck began his journey at the age of 17 when he hitchhiked into North Dakota to work as a roughneck in the newly-discovered oil patch. Buck eventually partnered with the Pitman brothers, and together they purchased a company by the name of WISCO in 1967. He then took sole ownership in 1980 and continued to grow the company into one of the largest privately owned oilfield service companies in the Williston Basin. With his primary business, and his investment in and support of other businesses, Buck helped to increase employment opportunities in the area as well as grow the number of entrepreneurs who have developed companies, expanded services, and invested in additional projects and ventures.


Award Presentation

The Williston Basin Chapter of the American Petroleum Institute (API) is a nonprofit organization comprised of service oriented individuals who serve the local oil and gas industry, as well as the surrounding community. The 2012 Williston API Achievement Awards were presented at the Williston Petroleum Banquet held on October 10, 2012 at Williston State College in conjunction with the Bakken Oil Product and service show.



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