Funding for Oil-Impacted Communities Tied Up in Conference Committee
Friday, April 14, 2017

The North Dakota Senate voted on Tuesday to not concur with a House amendment to the ND Department of Trust Lands budget bill that reduce the amount of oil tax revenue returned to oil-impacted areas of western North Dakota.

Senators appointed to a conference committee were Rich Wardner from Dickinson, Senators Terry Wanzek and John Grabinger from Jamestown. House conferees are Appropriations Committee Chairman Jeff Delzer of Underwood, Vice-Chairman Keith Kempenich from Bowman, and Rep. Mike Brandenburg from Edgeley.

The contentious amendment attached to SB 2013 would cut funding to oil-impacted townships by two-thirds, as well as reduce the amount of money going to the Hub Cities of Dickinson, Minot and Williston.