House Republicans bring bill to reauthorize Keystone XL pipeline, cut Biden out of process
Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Scores of House Republicans on Tuesday introduced legislation to reauthorize the Keystone XL pipeline, decrying President Biden's day-one order canceling the project as "catastrophic for American workers and families."

The Keystone XL Pipeline Construction and Jobs Preservation Act, cosponsored by 85 Republicans, would give the go-ahead to build and operate the pipeline while declaring that a presidential permit such as the one rescinded by Mr. Biden is no longer required.

"President Biden's decision to stop construction of the Keystone Pipeline is catastrophic for American workers and families," House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said in a statement. "Its impact on global climate change is negligible, but is consequences for workers, families, and energy independence are decidedly negative."

Mr. Biden's decision to pull the 2017 cross-border permit comes at an estimated cost of about 11,000 jobs as well as up to 60,000 indirect jobs along the route of the 1,179-mile pipeline extension aimed at running crude oil from Alberta, Canada, to Steele City, Nebraska.

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