Message from Ron Ness: DOT Changes to Temp Waterline Permits - Effective Immediately
Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Message from Ron Ness:

NDPC Members:

NDPC has been working with North Dakota DOT on improving the Temp Waterline Permitting System for the past several months.  I'm happy to report the attached policy was adopted and approved and should be the policy effective immediately.

There are several major changes from the previous system:

  • A simplified permit application and more efficient renewal process.
  • Permit period of 45 days vs the current 30 day period and simplified renewal process.
  • Allows 10 inch pipe/hose to be used through 24 inch or larger culverts and 12 inch pipe/hose for culverts 30 inches or greater.
  • Culvert size less than 24 inches, 8 inch pipe/hose will be allowed with District Engineer approval.
  • October through March - no size restrictions unless prohibited by the District Engineer.
  • Upon a water event resulting in the flow of the water to a depth of ¼ the diameter of the culvert, operations shall cease and the pipe/hose shall be laid flat or removed.
  • Please review the full document for all the guidelines.

We urge the operators to follow these guidelines and procedures as directed and contact the ND DOT District Engineers with any questions.

I want to thank ND DOT for their work on these changes.  Hopefully, these changes will improve the efficiency of these operations and improve road safety and lessen the impacts on the infrastructure and communities.

Ron Ness

NDPC President


Ken Callahan, President ( )

Williston Basin Chapter API