Monthly Meeting Recap - April 2021
Friday, April 9, 2021

The Williston Basin Chapter of API met on Tuesday, April 6, 2021. Thank you to the staff at Four Points for hosting us and to Crowley Fleck Attorneys for sponsoring our dinner. Kerri Espeland read the treasury report and the financial highlights are as follows: scholarship account $15,242 with $0.25 interest paid out; checking account beginning balance $46,439.34; deposited $73,618.25; checks written $19,053.87; ending balance $100,204.55 with $0.93 interest paid out. The balance of the three API CD's are $6,075.29, $6,070.92, and $6,134.67 with $0.15 interest paid out.

The following donations were approved:
Williston Parks and Rec: Boom Williston Boom Softball $300 & Boys Baseball Sponsor and Booster Club $1,000
After Prom Foundations: Williston High School $250 & Tioga High School $100 
Williston Parks and Rec annual (Field Signage) $270 (Ice Signage) $500

We have $15,000 left to pay on the WSC Oil Worker Monument and we're looking at a September/October completion and dedication ribbon cutting. 

We owe $40,000 on the WSC Endowment pledge and agreed to pay $10,000.

The 40th Annual Chili Cook-off was a huge success at the new larger location with more parking, the weather could have been better, but overall it was great. Ken thanked the sponsors and the sponsor PowerPoint played during the dinner and social.


Chili Awards:
1st MWEC & Williston VFW
2nd Torcsill 
3rd Liberty Oilfield Services 
4th Canary 
5th Black Magic Harley Davidson & Aces Energy Services
6th Sand Pro
Fan Favorite: MDU & Nova Oilfield Services 
Best Decorative/ Interactive: Liberty Oilfield Services 
Best Decorated: MWEC & Williston VFW
MVT (Most Funds Raised Pre-Event): Liberty Oilfield Services 
Bakken Bread Winner (Most Funds Raised Day of Event): Sand Pro 
Chili Games Winner: Next Tier Completions
Chili Runner Up Games: Evolution Completions & Caffeinated

Judd Hoos preformed as Slamabama was scheduled at another venue. Feedback was great about Judd Hoos and the crowd loved the free items on door prizes. The API Board worked hard to ensure a smooth event. The event grossed $90,000 and will net about $60,000.

New Business:

April 24th is the Williston town clean up and official will be at Davidson Park at noon. You can reserve a spot to clean up by calling ahead or be assigned a zone the day of the event. The website is

The May General Monthly Meeting will be held on May 20th at the Eagle Ridge Golf Club.

WRED - Senate Bill 2065 is important to O&G and Economic Development for ND specifically Amendment 7. If the bill is not approved, it will halt a large-scale Ethanol project. Please reach out to your legislators and support this bill with the amendment. 

Program presented by Crowley Fleck Attorneys:

Incident Response Basics - Workplace Injury or Death

Work with E&P’s and Contractors 
1: Investigation
2: OSHA Investigation

People need to understand to watch out for oneself. Most MSA’s mitigate liability onto the contractor. 
Companies are to have an Emergency Response Plan. 

In the event of a major incident: Secure the area and achieve a static and untampered with scene. 
The highest authority rep from the company to act as the POC until safety rep or other incident manager arrives.

Evidence is NOT to be moved or tampered with. If moved, it needs to have a chain of custody with all contact info of whomever has encountered that evidence. 

Get statements from involved personnel ASAP- discourage sharing information with anyone not directly involved in incident. Try and get a sketch of incident site, can be basic just to have fresh idea of location. 
Root Cause Analysis consider getting legal counsel early on. 

Fatality, Hospitalization, Amputation or Loss of Eye MUST BE REPORTED to OSHA. 

ER only visit= NOT Recordable. (PPT can be found on flash drives on tables) Can also be emailed out upon request.

Next month's meeting date and location has changed, we are going back to the May meeting being hosted at a golf course. Thursday, May 20th at Eagle Ridge and members can golf nine or 18 holes before the meeting. The social will start at 6:00 pm with dinner and meeting at 7:00 pm. The program and sponsor will be Jared Huffines with Fastrax Permit Service.