Monthly Meeting Recap - January 2020
Friday, January 10, 2020

For the second consecutive meeting we needed to add more tables as the room filled up, it was nice to see. We started the night off by thanking our Veterans in the room, our social sponsor PetroStar Services, and the past API winners at the recent Awards Banquet. 

Kerri Espeland the API treasurer gave the financial report which included the following: Our checkbook beginning balance was $39,786.41, we deposited $10,811.54, had interest of $1.34, and issued checks for $19,320.27, for an ending balance of $31,279.02. our scholarship bank balance is $21,985.28 and we have three CD’s with balances of $6,032.94, $6,040.98, and $6,046.67.

We issued checks and approved the following amounts; Feed My Starving Children – $1000, Williston Chamber Lemonade Day – $1,000, Strike Zone – Jr league – $500, WHS Close up -$1,000, and Marketplace for Kids – $1,000. 

Lindsey Harriman talked about the 2020 Census coming up, explained what the Census was about and how important it is to respond to the survey. If you’re a resident for six months and one day then you can and need to register here or if you are in North Dakota on April 1st then you can register from North Dakota. This is also known as the reference date. It’s important we pass this information on to the industry as it can only help the state, we live and work in. The more accurate we report, the more financial assistance we receive from the government for the next 10 years. If anyone wants a presentation Lindsey can be contacted at 701-577-4557 or email at

2020 Census Handouts

Ken thanked the membership for helping with the Make-A-Wish Hero Challenge, (35 years seeking $35,000 challenge) API donated $1,000 last month and challenged the membership, the challenge raised $66,626. This group is amazing every time we ask for help, they’re there to help with open arms. 

Ken also thanked the membership for helping the Veteran’s assistance fund who had several companies help with money and non-perishable items. Grant asked to pass on a huge thanks for helping them. 

They’re still looking for food donations of non-perishable items such as:
Soups, Mac-n-cheese, spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, canned vegetables, canned meats like tuna fish, chicken, or spam, any type of noodles, and various items families would need over the holidays. They provide them gift cards for Cash Wish that API donates to them and other financial assistance if needed. Any company wanting to help can donate these items and contact Grant Carns at 577-4550 or his email is and if any companies want to take up a collection, Grant will pick them up from your company if needed.  

Randy Schlossin from IESS representing “Feed My Starving Children” showed a video of the program and who and how it impacts the starving children.  The API Board approved $1000.00 donation and Crysie Hendershott challenged the companies in the room to donate or volunteer and help package the food at Harley Davidson on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, February 20-22, 2020. You can reach out to Randy at 701-580-6025 or email at

API Chili Cook-off is Saturday, February 8, 2020. Ken reported that Balderdash was hired to play two sets at the chili cook-off in the afternoon. Balderdash had played for 16 consecutive year at the chili cook-off before taking a break, it’s awesome to have them back. Slamabama will end the night with for the seventh time in eight years. Raffle tickets were passed out and sold. If anyone wants raffle tickets to sell or purchase please email Liz Hirsch at or you can call Ken at 701-770-5030. 

We had our Annual Board Elections, the following board members were elected for a three-year term: Ken Callahan (Montana-Dakota Utilities), Carl Hirsch (PetroStar Services), and Jared Iverson (Oasis Petroleum). The board also introduced Larry Medhurst from Secure Energy Services as he has filled the last vacant position on the board. 

KLX (Won the Community Service Award this past November at the Annual Awards Banquet) had several people present on their divisions and new services that are just getting off the starting line and how they are perfecting the things they have in place. An interesting note, their Fishing/Manufacturing shop is open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, with two 12-hour shifts. KLX is looking forward to the New Year working with the community and oil field companies.

Everyone that attended the meeting were given API Million Giving tumblers. 

WDEA – Wise Roads won the Industry Innovation Award this past November at the Awards Banquet. Brent Bogar will be presenting on March 3rd at our next GMM and Halliburton will be the social sponsor.