Monthly Meeting Recap - October 2020
Monday, October 12, 2020
The Williston Basin Chapter of API met on Tuesday October 6th. We had 45 members present and we staggered tables and only allowed four to five people to a table, tying to be safe, keeping our distance and still meeting our members needs. We covered our bills and had a second reading for $3,000 for Bras for a Cause. 

We decided to postpone the Williston Basin Awards Banquet that was schedule for November 20th. We are working with our Keynote Speaker Chris Wright CEO of Liberty Oilfield Services, Board Chairman of Liberty Resources and his dates to reschedule our banquet. Once we have the new date we will send out a notification to our members, followed by a press release. Watch for the new update shortly!!! 

Lynn Helms gave another incredible presentation and we see an opportunity for us to help our own industry. We need our members and people in the industry to reach out to the following people and all they need to say is “Please approve the NDIC proposal to repurpose $16 million to incentivize DUC well completions. This will create hundreds of oilfield service jobs, support oil production, and generate both oil taxes and sales taxes for our communities.”

The best time for API members to make contacts is starting Friday 10/9/20 through the end of next week 10/16/20. Spreading them out over a week focusing on OMB Friday then Governor and Lieutenant Governor next week.

Following are contacts:

Lt Gov
(701) 328-3550

(701) 328-1045

If we make it through this first stage I will send Emergency Commission contact info. Their meeting is set for 10/23/20.

Thank you for making a difference!

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