ND Dept of Mineral Resources Announces Record Gas Capture Numbers
Tuesday, November 17, 2020

North Dakota oil and gas producers achieved 93% gas capture in September 2020, the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources announced in their Director's Cut today. 

"Reaching this record gas capture rate of 93% is a significant milestone for our industry and it's important to acknowledge the hard work and investments that have been made to achieve this goal," said Ron Ness, President of the North Dakota Petroleum Council. "We have invested almost $20 billion to build more gas gathering and processing infrastructure to achieve our gas capture goals. A great deal of planning and effort has gone into this achievement and I want to commend the state for being a strong partner with industry, especially given the difficulties we have faced this year with the collapse in prices and demand. We look forward to continuing this important work to ensure responsible development of our state's valuable resources." 

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