NDPC Joins API in Letter to Biden: Visit US Producers Before Saudi Arabia
Friday, July 1, 2022
The ND Petroleum Council joined the American Petroleum Institute and 26 other energy associations to urge Joe Biden and his cabinet to visit America’s major energy facilities, ahead of Biden's travel to the Middle East this month. 

In a letter to Biden and key administration officials, the organizations, who represent more than 11 million American workers keeping the lights on and fuels flowing, encouraged the administration to recognize domestic energy resources as a strategic asset for U.S. national and economic security, and highlighted America’s vast natural gas and oil reserves that can help meet growing demand for reliable energy.

“Before you board Air Force One for the Middle East, we hope you will consider taking another look at made-in-America energy,” the letter states. “We would be honored to show you how our industry is involved in every step of the energy process, from fuel pumps to critical product delivery infrastructure to production zones across our vast nation.”

In the letter, the signatories invite Biden to visit the energy-producing regions across the country, including the Marcellus in Pennsylvania, the Permian in Texas, the Gulf of Mexico and the Bakken in North Dakota that support millions of good-paying American jobs.

“Your trip to Saudi Arabia is important on a number of those fronts, including boosting global energy supply. Yet American-made energy solutions are beneath our feet, and we urge you to reconsider the immense potential of U.S. oil and natural gas resources ... to benefit American families, the U.S. economy and our national security,” the letter concludes.

Click here to read the letter. Click here to see API's list of 10 actions that would reduce energy prices.