NDPC Presents Oil Industry Awards: Safety, Environment and Community
Friday, September 29, 2023

The ND Petroleum Council presented several industry awards at its annual meeting last week, recognizing company efforts to improve safety, environmental responsibility and community relations.

Jon Maristuen with GO Wireline received the Excellence in Safety award for his commitment to safety for more than 40 years. Maristuen led the implementation of the cloud-based HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) management system, which in turn greatly increased employee engagement with HSE. In 2022, alone, Go Wireline’s team completed 2,355 lessons with an average test score of 92%, while spending an average of 34 minutes per lesson. Maristuen partnered with TrainND in 2022 to develop a wireline crane certification that provided more relevant training and certification to the wireline crane work being performed on locations.

Marathon Oil received the Excellence in Environmental Stewardship award for their LEAF project (Lowest Emitting Automated Facility). Marathon Oil set new, aggressive near, medium, and long-term goals for critical environmental performance metrics, including its methane intensity, GHG intensity, and annual gas capture percentage. To meet the self-imposed standards, Marathon production facilities team engineered LEAF, a step change in oil facility design and operation that is groundbreaking for emissions reductions, provides enhanced facility safety, and allows operational flexibility with greater levels of reliability complemented with easier operations. Click here to see a photo of the Marathon team.

Hess Corporation was recognized for its Tribal College Apprenticeship Program (TCAP). Hess established a DE&I (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) task force to evaluate company practices. One result was a realization that Hess had room to improve on investing in underserved communities in the areas it operates. Over the following months, Hess identified an education opportunity with Native American communities through the state’s five tribal colleges. After nearly 19 months of collaboration, the TCAP was created. The program provides tuition assistance, stipends and other support for establishing apprenticeships in various industries designed by each of the state’s tribal colleges. Each tribal college will design its own apprenticeship program, based on the local job market and needs of their tribal communities. Click here to see a photo of the Hess award recipients.

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