Natural Gas Production Sets New Record
Monday, April 23, 2018

Natural Gas Production Sets New Record


Market analysts focus attention on oil production, so almost unnoticed was the fact that North Dakota established another new-all time high for natural gas production in February.

The state produced nearly 59 billion cubic feet of natural gas in February, or 2.102 Bcf per day, according to statistics compiled by the Department of Mineral Resources. The previous record was 2.096 Bcf/day set in December 2017.

T he increase is being driven by better production technology and growing gas-to-oil ratios, according to Justin Kringstad, director of the ND Pipeline Authority. Historically, he said the ratio has been close to one, meaning 1,000 cubic feet of gas for each barrel of oil produced, but it’s now closer to a 2:1 ratio.

“The expectations are that over time in the coming decade, we’re going to shift from this lower gas-oil ratio to a higher ratio,” Kringstad said.

Click here to see Kringstad’s slide presentation to the ND Industrial Commission.

Nearly half of the state’s production is coming from McKenzie County, which produced 28.3 Bcf in the month of February. Williams County was a distant second with just over 10 Bcf. Click here to see a chart of county-by-county natural gas production numbers.

Oil production volumes dipped slightly in February, mainly due to winter-related difficulties.

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Geoff Simon - WDEA