Oil and Natural Gas Delivers Record Energy Security for United States
Thursday, October 29, 2020

American consumers and businesses can count on the strongest energy security in a generation thanks in no small part to oil and natural gas produced right here at home. 

The index gave an energy security risk score of 70.1 in 2019 - a record low over the historical window since 1979 that GEI has reviewed. It's also a testament to the tremendous progress the United States has made in energy security because of the shale revolution over the past decade after a record high energy risk score of 100.9 in 2011.

The GEI Index is made up of nine categories including "global fuels; fuel imports; energy expenditures; price and market volatility; energy use intensity; electric power sector; transportation sector; environmental; and basic science and energy research & development."

The record low energy risk score in 2019, and the positive, steady fall in recent years, is testament to the innovation, leadership, and workforce in the U.S. oil and natural gas sector, as the report states.

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