One Basin One Way Program expansion to Permain highlighted in NDPC annual meeting
Wednesday, October 7, 2020

The Bakken's One Basin One Way program, developed under the leadership of the North Dakota Petroleum Council as a safety orientation for oil and gas workers, is about to expand its reach to a new Basin.

The Permain Association of Pipeliners has asked the North Dakota Petroleum Council to bring the program to the Permain.

"Their members had been working on a similar program for a couple of years, and they found the One Basin One Way Program meets all their expectations," NDPC Vice President Kari Cutting Told Petroleum Council members during the industry association's annual meeting. "So you can probably hear about classes starting in the Permain in a year. 

Cutting said many oil and gas members in the Bakken are seeing this as a great value-add for them, to have a curriculum that spans not just the Bakken, but another basin where they many have employees as well.

The Bakken's One Basin One Way program was started with the idea in mind that a standard safety orientation across the Bakken could help reduce injuries and strengthen training before someone gets hurt.

Cutting, who has led the charge on the effort for the NDPC, has told the Williston Herald the idea was a "no-brainer," particularly after it was learned that a similar program started for utility companies resulted in fewer injuries.

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