PSC Okays Hiland Crude Pipeline
Friday, December 31, 2021

The ND Public Service Commission this week approved an application by Hiland Crude LLC to construct a 2.9 mile, 8-inch crude oil pipeline near Epping that will connect gathering facilities to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The PSC held a hearing on the project November 22 in Williston. PSC Chair Julie Fedorchak, who made the motion to approve the route for the new pipeline, described it as a pretty straight-forward project.

Click here to listen to Fedorchak's comments.

Fedorchak said Hiland has met all environmental requirements, but said because the company indicated it may construct the pipeline this winter, the commission's approval contains stipulations for dealing with frozen ground.

Click here to listen to Fedorchak's comments.

The company's application indicated it explored alternatives to the pipeline's construction, including trucking the crude to a market location. Hiland estimates normal daily throughput will be about 30,000 barrels, which at a carrying capacity of 220 barrels/truck, would require 137 trucks per day, or six trucks every hour to transport the volume of product.

"This level of truck activity is not logistically feasible as it would cause significant amounts of heavy vehicle traffic for area residents, as well as additional wear and tear on the infrastructure," the application said. "Disruption in the trucking capacity due to seasonal load restrictions on roads, inclement weather, or road repairs would cause a delay in delivering this valuable resource to market. This alternative is not desirable." 

Click here to view or download Hiland Crude's 292-page application for the construction permit, which documents its compliance with all relevant local, state and federal permitting requirements.