State Lifts Highway Weight Restrictions Extends Mileage Allowed on State Roads Most County Load Limits to Remain in Place
Monday, March 30, 2020

The North Dakota Department of Transportation has temporarily lifted seasonal load restrictions on all state highways to minimize disruption of the supply chain during the COVID-19 public health emergency. 

The change is based on an executive order issued by Gov. Burgum. In a letter to county commissioners today, DOT Director Bill Panos also said DOT will provide some relief to counties regarding large loads like workover rigs. Panos said the policy will increase the 10-mile limit on state highways to 15 miles under section B-1 of its guidance; and increase the three-mile limit on state highways to six miles under section B-2 of its guidance. 

The governor's executive order on load limits affects only state highways. It does not apply to interstate highways or any county, city or township roads. Individual counties can decide whether to follow the DOT's lead or continue to maintain frost law limits on rural roads. Most LoadPass member counties and cities intend to keep limits in place because roads are most vulnerable to damage as they begin to thaw. 

Counties will consider exceptions if it involves movement of vital food or medical supplies in response to the coronavirus emergency. Counties will also continually review road conditions and will lift restrictions as soon as it is practical. 

Oil industry truckers or others with questions about individual county or city policies should contact the highway or public works department in that jurisdiction or view the LoasPass Restricted Road Map. Load restriction information on state roads is available by calling 511 or on DOT's Travel Map.