The North Face Incurs Oil Industry Backlash
Friday, December 18, 2020

The garment-making company The North Face is "facing" a loosely-organized oil industry boycott following news last week that it refused an order from a Houston-based oilfield service company to purchase logo jackets for its employees. 

Innovex Downhole Solutions CEO Adam Anderson went public after The North Face rejected an order for 400 jackets with the Innovex logo because, as Anderson says, "we were an oil-and-gas services company." Ironically the vast majority of apparel made by The North Face, which is part of the VF Corporation, is made with nylon, polyester and polyurethane, all of which come from petroleum.

Many in the oil industry have taken offense to The North Face virtue signaling, and the backlash has gone viral in social media. One Twitter user who works in the Marcellus Shale region proposed a new version of the company's logo that better reflects its dependence on petroleum products. 

In another example, a LinkedIn post by Jeff Roach, president of Houston International Equipment, reached thousands of people in a matter of hours. Roach wrote that "...oil and gas is being criminalized, when WE are the people that produce the product that 'fuels' the global economy." Roach, who was interviewed by Jason Spiess for The Crude Life, suggested the industry consider a boycott, noting that "we're too busy working to rally and protest, but we can make an impact with our money."

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