Western Leaders Discuss Gas Pipeline
Friday, October 29, 2021

Western North Dakota legislators, along with city and county leaders, participated in an informational session today to learn more about a state proposal to support a large natural gas pipeline to eastern North Dakota.

The combination in-person and virtual event was hosted by the Western Dakota Energy Association, and featured presentations by top state officials engaged in energy and economic development.

Legislative committees this week recommended the full legislature allocate $150 million to improve the economics of constructing a pipeline capable of transporting 250 million cubic feet or more gas per day from the Bakken, across the northern tier, to Grand Forks and Fargo. ND Pipeline Authority Director Justin Kringstad explained the need for capacity to move more gas out of the oilpatch. Kringstad said at its current rate of increase, natural gas production in North Dakota will exceed takeaway capacity in the next three years. He said the future need is greater than just one pipeline can handle, but companies are conservative and will conduct an "open season" to determine the size of the market.

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