BOPSS celebrating 10 years, and saying a fond farewell
Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Williston's longest running oil and gas trade show will celebrate its 10 year anniversary this year, but it will also be saying a fond farewell. 

Jeff Zarling, the organizer of the show, told the Williston Herald that the show is still very profitable, and still delivers great value to the many exhibitors and boots on the ground industry professionals it was created to serve. 

"Thinking about it over the last year as we looked over the strategic planning for our business, it has kind of taken away form the core business, which is software development, marketing, and communication," Zarling said. "We are just at that point where we have to focus on our core business."

Last year, BOPSS add a high school career fair to the show, which Zarling said was also a great success.

"But I'm not sure we are the right ones to step in and fill that need," he said. "We designed that working with a couple of companies and there is great interest in it, but it is a matter of resources to manage and execute it." 

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