Frost Laws Take Effect in Southwest ND
Friday, March 11, 2022

The ND Department of Transportation has announced that season weight restrictions will be in place on North Dakota highways in the southwest region beginning Monday, March 14.

Highways included are south of I-94 to the South Dakota border and from the Montana border to Highway 49 at the junction of Highway 21. 

The department uses load restrictions to reduce damage to roadways caused by heavy loads at a time of year when highway pavements are most vulnerable as the ground beneath begins to thaw. Weight limits vary depending on the number of axles on a vehicle. Substantial civil penalties that can amount to thousands of dollars are imposed on vehicles that exceed weight restrictions.

Restrictions will be removed when roadbeds are stable enough to carry legal weight traffic without damage based on the following sources of information: temperature probes in the base layers of pavement sections, long range temperature forecasts, and a Falling Weight Deflectometer that measures the strength of roadway bases and the asphalt pavement surface.

Trucking companies can find detailed information on load restriction orders on the NDDOT website.

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