Monthly Meeting Recap - January 2021
Friday, January 8, 2021

The Williston Basin Chapter of API met on Tuesday January 5, 2021. Thank you to our sponsor, Dean's Bulk Service. Kerri Espeland read the treasury report and the financial highlights are as follows: beginning balance of $51,018.42; deposited $1,212.45; checks written $10,526.48; ending balance of $41,735.08. The current balance of the three API CD's are $6,057.07, $6,070.92, $6,116.27, interest paid out $0.79. 

The following donations were made:
Crime Stoppers - $150                                                               
Great Plains Food Bank - $500
Mon Dak Gymnastics Support Group - $750                          
Family Crisis Center - $1,000
Christmas for Kids - $500                                                           
Police Department - $1,000
Market Place for Kids, Kids Day Out - $500

With the help of our awesome partners, Williston API was able to donate about $105,000 in 2020.

The 40th Annual Chili Cook-off has been rescheduled to Saturday, March 27th at the Raymond Center, more information to come in the near future. 

Tom Ponomis from Dean’s Bulk Service set up a presentation with Guest Speaker Dan Moore from Innospec in Denver, Colorado.

Main Highlights: 

  • Innospec fuel additives address Diesel fuel quality issues, and Ultra low Sulfur (USLD) engine issues. 
  • Industries that Deans and Innospec serve range from Oil and Gas, to Agriculture, mining, construction and beyond. 
  • Additives help to replace lubrication in low ambient temperature running conditions. 
  • Different items to prevent cloud point and pour point (gelling) issues. Consistently use additives from 10/30 to 3/30 even if the temps rise for a short period. 
  • Moisture buildup in the system can cause gelling issues, keeping tanks full, changing fuel filters often and running diesel #1 in lower ambient temperatures will help to prevent these issues 
  • Their testing is done in-lab with 10-micron filters, most vehicle fuel filters use 1-4-micron filters. 
  • These additives typically only cost 1.5-2 cents per gallon to operate and ensures solid runability in the winter months. 

Due to the Chili Cook-off now rescheduled for March our next API General Monthly Meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 9th and we are looking for a program and sponsor.