Oil and Gas Division Three-Part Education Series: Well Plugging and Reclamation
Wednesday, July 29, 2020

BISMARCK, N.D. - The Bakken Restart Task Force, made up of several state agencies and invited subject matter experts, has been working on solutions to the unwelcome challenge that presented itself when a worldwide pandemic and unimaginably low oil oil prices impacted North Dakota's oil and gas economy.

Over the next three weeks the North Dakota Oil and Gas Division will be sending out a three-part series which covers one of the largest challenges the Task Force has undertaken to "secure, strengthen, and stimulate North Dakota's energy future".

The Oil and Gas Division is implementing a $66 million project that will create numerous jobs plugging and later reclaiming the current abandoned well sites in the state. The work is now being bid out and well plugging is expected to sustain more than 600 oil and gas service sector jobs with 300 to 500 additional jobs managing reclamation of the sites. This project will keep skilled workforce in the state and our neighbors who invested in starting oilfield service companies in business. When fully and properly reclaimed, the wells and sites that have already been confiscated as part of this process will return over 2,000 acres of land to farming, grazing, or personal use for North Dakota surface owners.

Series Outline:

  • July 30th - Part 1: North Dakota's Abandoned Wells
  • August 6th - Part 2: Proper Plugging in North Dakota
  • August 13th - Part 3: Reclaiming disturbed land in North Dakota

This North Dakota oil and Gas Division series, news releases, and additional communications will be posted weekly online at www.dmr.nd.gov/oilgas and you can subscribe to receive it directly in your email by visiting the Contact Us page to sign up. 

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