Pro-Oil Industry Video Shoot Planned
Friday, September 2, 2022
The Center for the American Experiment, a Minnesota-based think tank that recently began operations in North Dakota, is planning a video shoot that will support the ND oil industry with clips of average citizens expressing their thoughts on the value of its contributions to the state and national economy.

John Hinderaker, president of the group, is critical of oil industry leaders who he believes need to do more to defend themselves against attacks from anti-fossil fuels activists. Hinderaker, who was interviewed on the radio program What's on Your Mind, said the think tank wants the public to understand the many positive contributions of the oil industry.

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Hinderaker said the Center recently issued a paper entitled, Energy Leadership: How American Energy Production Can Make The World Safer. It points out how Vladimir Putin has used Russia's energy production as a weapon against other countries, but notes that because Russia is dependent on revenue from its energy production, the United States and others should exploit that vulnerability by maximizing their own energy resources. He said the authors of the paper will be making appearances in the coming weeks to explain why energy dominance is so important.

Click here to listen to Hinderaker's comments.

Hinderaker said one of the presentations will be at the Lignite Energy Council's annual meeting scheduled for September 28-29 in Bismarck.

Click here and advance to the 30:15 mark to listen to the full What's on Your Mind interview with Hinderaker.